Concept Development

The concept development process begins by thoroughly defining the client's project objectives.

We truly believe that your home should reflect your taste and not ours; we will work very closely with you in developing your own aesthetic. All projects are special to us and are fine tuned to fit your needs, good design starts with good communication. An initial architectural assessment of your home is essential; it allows us to determine what your options and alternatives are.

Our objective is to make the design process an enjoyable experience by translating your wishes and desires into reality.

Design Agreement and Proposal

Based upon our initial meeting(s), a scope of the project and anticipated services will be developed for your review. This process will lead to the development of a fee structure and contract for services prior to the commencement of the formal design process. 

Design Process

Photos will be taken of the proposed space as well as an inventory of furniture and accessories. We will start to focus upon potential color schemes, the use of light and space, and the families of materials and fabrics which may be right for the project.

*We try to think green whenever we can! Recycling is a way of life for many individuals who are concerned about protecting the environment and creating a better place for future generations. More than ever people are seeking to improve the indoor air quality and overall healthiness of their homes. If we see a perfectly beautiful piece of furniture in your home that only needs a makeover, we will suggest some finishes and fabrics that will create a completely new and exiting piece. In a remodel we try to minimize waste and its overall environmental impact during construction.

Design concepts will be decided on computer generated space plans using Archicad, detailed elevations and plan views of millwork/and or built-in cabinetry. 3-D images for visualization purposes can be created upon request. During this process the selection of furniture, fixtures, and finishes will be finalized.

All drawings and materials will be approved during this phase of the project. 


Upon the client's signed approval of suggested work orders and purchases, the project will begin to formally take shape and move from the design to implementation phase. Any necessary drawings and specifications will have been completed in this phase and will be communicated to any outside parties (such as contractors and vendors) involved in the project. 


We will make all efforts to bring the highest quality, best value contractors and sub contractors to complete all work on the project beyond the designer's efforts and will negotiate the best costs for these services on your behalf.

Throughout the construction process we will make frequent visits to the job site to monitor the progress of the job, answer any questions, troubleshoot and verify that all on site requirements are being met.

Fee Structure

Our first point of contact will likely be over the phone at which time we can discuss your objectives and determine whether a meeting would be appropriate.